JAA ATPL Question 4405

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The Chart In Question Is Of The Polar Stereographic Type With Its Grid Parallel To The Zero Meridian, And Grid North In The Direction Of The North Geographic Pole. The Gyro Does Not Comprise A Rate Correction Device.The Gyro-magnetic Compass Of An Aircraft Standing At An Aerodrome Located At 59°57'N 010°30'E Is Switched To Free Gyro Mode At 14.00 UTC, With Gyro North Being Aligned With Grid North And The Gyro Heading Reading 120°. A Technical Problem Delays Take Off Until 16.30 UTC. The Gyro, Whose Mechanical Precession Is Zero, Was Not Reset Prior To Take Off.The Error (E) At The Time Of Alignment On This Runway Will Be : #atpl #jaa #dgca #pilot #aviation
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