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Why Must Flight Safety Considerations Consider The Human Error Mechanism? -1 : It Is Analysis Of An Incident Or Accident Which Will Make It Possible To Identify What Error Has Been Committed And By Whom. It Is The Process Whereby The Perpetrator Is Made Responsible Which May Lead To Elimination Of The Error.-2 : If We Have A Better Understanding Of The Cognitive Error Mechanism, It Will Be Possible To Adapt Procedures, Aircraft Interfaces, Etc. -3 : It Is Error Management Procedure Which Enables Us To Continuously Adjust Our Actions. The Better We Understand The Underlying Mechanism Of An Error, The Better Will Be Our Means For Detecting And Adapting Future Errors.-4 : Since Error Is Essentially Human, Once It Has Been Identified By The Use Of Procedures, A Person Will Be Able To Anticipate And Deal With It Automatically In The Future.The Correct Statement(s) Is (are): #atpl #jaa #dgca #pilot #aviation
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