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The Operations Of An Airline Plan The Operation Of A Pressurized Aircraft At A 240 Flight Level On Its Whole Route With 150 Passengers On Board.As Concerns The Regulatory Requirements About Oxygen:1. Each Crew Member Will Have Available A Quick Fitting Inhaler Device.2. The Aircraft Will Be Equipped With A Warning System Indicating That The Cabin Altitude Is Higher Than 3 000 M.3 . The Quantity Of Oxygen On Board Will Be Sufficient For The Supply Of 100 % Of The Occupants During The Whole Flight Time Above The Flight Level 150 After An Eventual Depressurization.4. The First Aid Quantity Of Oxygen Will Be Sufficient For The Supply Of Two Passengers During The Whole Flight Time When The Cabin Altitude Is Greater Than 8 000 Feet.The Combination Regrouping All The Correct Statements Is: #atpl #jaa #dgca #pilot #aviation
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